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4 Reasons Why Poly Cotton Sarees Need
Author Name:Akansha SinghPublished Date:Mon -05 Feb 2018

If you are tired of wearing the same old sarees in your office or If you’ve become bored with the saree collection in your closet and looking for something new, then we might have just the right thing for you. One fabric that you should explore, both as formal and casual wear sarees are poly cotton.

Poly cotton is a mix of cotton and polyester fibers. It is basically the blend of the natural cotton fiber and artificially made polyester fiber. The proportions depend on needs and requirements. The 50-50 mix is readily available in the market, but the most popular fabric has a mix of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. The apparels made out of poly cotton material has the best of both the fabrics.

Poly Cotton sarees are a popular choice for the office goers. If you are buying a saree online, don’t forget to check out poly cotton sarees. They come in a wide variety of designs, prints and patterns to choose from. You can pick and choose colour schemes and embroideries according to your needs and preferences.

Let us take a look at why poly cotton sarees are a must-have in your wardrobe.

Comfortable: Since the poly cotton material has the best of both fabrics, they are breathable and very comfortable to wear. They are suitable for almost all weather conditions, especially the summers. So, they are easy to wear whole day in office and yet feel comfortable.

Durable: Since there is a mix of polyester, they are less prone to damage than regular cotton. They are long-lasting and durable. They are easier to sew as well in comparison to regular cotton. They also tend to shrink less than pure cotton apparels.

Wrinkle-Free: They can be washed more than regular cotton yet they do not wear out easily. The wrinkle-free property ensures that you can wear it a couple of times before you need to iron them.

Affordable: 100% cotton apparels tend to be more expensive, whereas these hybrid fabrics are cheaper. Since they give a similar look and feel, one can buy these sarees online at affordable prices. Poly cotton sarees available online are reasonably priced and you can purchase more than one to build a good collection in your closet.

Most of the online shopping portals have a wide range of Poly Cotton sarees at affordable prices. If you are buying sarees online, make sure you buy from authentic and trustworthy portals so that you end up with a satisfying purchase.

You will surely stand out in your professional yet fashionable look in a poly cotton saree online.

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