Muslim Baby Boy Names
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Aabid (Worshipper)
Aadam (not found)
Aadil (Just, Upright)
Aafiya (Good Health)
Aahil (not found)
Aahil (Sublime, high)
Aamil (Doer, Work man)
Aaqib (Follower)
Aarif (Knowing, aware)
Aashiq (Lover)
Aasif (An able minister)
Aatif (Kind Affectionate)
Abadiyah (not found)
Aban (not found)
Abbas (Description of a lion, Gloomy look)
Abdah (not found)
Abdul (not found)
Abdul Afuw (Slave of the one who pardons)
Abdul Ali (Slave of the High one)
Abdul Badee (Slave of the originator)
Abdul Baqi (Slave of the eternal)
Abdul Baseer (Abdul Baseer)
Abdul Batin (Slave of the unseen)
Abdul Hafeez (Slave of the protector)
Abdul Halim (Slave of the Wise)
Abdul Hannan (Slave of the Merciful)
Abdul Hayy (Slave of the Living)
Abdul Khabir (Slave of the Great)
Abdul Mani (Slave of one who prevents)
Abdul Mateen (Slave of the Restorer)
Abdul Muhsin (Slave of the Benefactor)
Abdul Munim (Slave of the Generous)
Abdul Muqeet (Slave of the Sustainer)
Abdul Musawwir (Slave of the Fashioner)
Abdul Muzanni (He was a narrator of Hadith)
Abdul Naseer (Slave of the Helper)
Abdul Qadeer (Slave of the Powerful)
Abdul Qayyum (Slave of the Self-Subsistent)
Abdul Rafi (Slave of the Exalter)
Abdul Raqib (Slave of the Vigilant)
Abdul Waali (Slave of the Governor)
Abdul Wakil (Slave of the Trustee)
Abdul Wasi (Slave of the All Embracing)
Abdul-aleem (Servant of the All-Knowing)
Abdul-baaqi (Servant of the everlasting)
Abdul-baasit (Servant of the Expander)
Abdul-dhahir (Servant of the Manifest)
Abdul-ghafoor (Servant of the Forgiver)
Abdul-ghani (vServant of the Self-Sufficient)
Abdul-hadi (Servant of the Guide)
Abdul-hakeem (Servant of the Wise)
Abdul-hameed (Servant of the Praiseworthy)
Abdul-haseeb (Servant of the Reckoner)
Abdul-jabbar (Servant of the Compeller)
Abdul-kareem (Servant of the Most Generous)
Abdul-jabbar (Servant of the Compeller)
Abdul-kareem (Servant of the Most Generous)
Abdul-khaliq (Servant of the Creator)
Abdul-majeed (Servant of the Most Glorious)
Abdul-malik (Servant of the Sovereign Lord)
Abdul-mujeeb (Servant of the Responsive)
Abdul-qaadir (Servant of the Able)
Abdul-qaadir (Servant of the Able)
Abdul-qahhar (Servant of the Subduer)
Abdul-quddus (Servant of the Holy)
Abdul-raheem (Servant of the Most Compassionate)
Abdul-rasheed (Servant of the Rightly Guided)
Abdul-salaam (Servant of the Peace)
Abdul-waajid (Servant of the Finder)
Abdul-wahhab (Servant of the Best-ower)
Abdul-warith (Servant of the Supreme Inheritor)
Abdur-raheem (Servant of the Most Merciful)
Abdur-raqeeb (Servant of the Watchful)
Abdur-rauf (Servant of the Compassionate)
Abdus (Name of a narrator of one of hadith)
Abdus Salaam (Slave of the Giver of Peace)
Abdus Sattar (Slave of one who conceals faults)
Abdus Smad (Slave of the Eternal)
Abdus-sabour (Servant of the Patient)
Abdus-sameei (Servant of the All-Hearing)
Abdus-shakur (Servant of the Appreciative)
Abed (Worshipper)
Abid (Worshipper)
Abrar (Peity)
Absi (not found)
Abul Khayr (One who does good)
Abzari (not found)
Adawi (Grandson of Sayyindina Umer)
Adeeb (A literary Person)
Adham (Black)
Adib (Cultured)
Adib (Cultured)
Adiy (n/a)
Adnan (Proper name)
Aabish (Daughter of sa'd, a queen of Iran)
Afdaal (Better)
Afeef (Pure, Chaste, Pious)
Aflah (not found)
Aftab (The sun)
Agha (Another name for God)
Ahad (Another name for God)
Ahmar (Red Coloured)
Ahsan (An act of kindness,)
Ahzab (Name of one of the narrators of Hadith)
Aiman (Fearless)
Ajmal (Holy)
Akbar (Greater, Bigger)
Akhfash (not found)
Akhtar (A Star, good man)
Aklamash (Spotless, pure)
Akram (More Generous)
Alaa (Nobility)
Alaaudeen (Excellence of Religion)
Alaleem (He who knows all Things)
Alamgir (Lord of the Universe)
Alif (The first character in Hijaiyah)
Alim (Wise; scholarly; omniscient)
Alim (Wise; scholarly; omniscient)
Alvi (Fan of Hazrat Ali (RA))
Amam (Safety, Protection)
Ameer (Commander, Prince, Khalifah)
Amir (ProsperousPrince, commander)
Ammar (Long of age)
Anis (Close friend, companion)
Anjuman (Meeting)
Antarah (This was name of freed slave of Sulaym)
Anwar (More radiant)
Aqib ( (Another name for Prophet Muhammad)
Arab (Peaceful, tranquil)
Arbad (Masters, Lords)
Arief (good)
Arik (n/a)
Arshad (Better guided, honest)
Artah ( ( narrator of the hadith)
Asbagh (Coloured animal, huge flood, dyer)
Aseed (A narrator of Hadeeth)
Asgar (Devoted to Lord)
Ashfaq (Noble Prince)
Asif (Forgivness)
Ataa (Gift)
Aula (Another name for Prophet Muhammad)
Awf (not found)
Aws (Name of a tribe in Madinah)
Ayaan (One who witnesses)
Ayan (appear)
Aydin (Brilliant, Enlightened, Intelligent)
Ayoob (A Prophet's name)
Ayyash (Bread seller)
Azaz (n/a)
Azeem (Great, greater)
Azim (Name of God; grand; lofty)
Azraq (Name of a companion of the Prophet)
Azzaam (Determined; Resolved)
Aalam (World)
Aalim (Religious Scholar)
Aamir (Religious Scholar)
Aaqil (ntelligent)
Aariz (Respectable man)
Aashir (Living)
Aasim (Protector)
Aatiq (n/a)
Abaan (( Old Arabic name ))
Abahh (n/a)
Abbad (n/a)
Abd Al-ala (Slave of the High)
Abdnan (n)
Abdnan (n)
Abdul Adl (Slave of the just)
Abdul Ahad (Slave of the just)
Abdul Alim (Slave of the All knowing)
Abdul Azim (Slave of the great)
Abdul Baith (Slave of the one who raises death)
Abdul Bari (Slave of the creator)
Abdul Basit (Slave of the enlarger)
Abdul Fattah (Slave of the giver of victory)
Abdul Hafiz (Slave of the guardian)
Abdul Hamid (Slave of the praiseworthy)
Abdul Jawwad (Slave of the Bountiful)
Abdul Karim (Slave of the Gracious)
Abdul Maalik (Slave of the Master, the Lord)
Abdul Mannan (Slave of the Benefactor)
Abdul Mubdee (Slave of the Originator)
Abdul Muhaymin (Slave of the Protector)
Abdul Muhyee (Slave of who gives life & sustains it)
Abdul Muntaqim (Slave of him who punishes wrong)
Abdul Muqsit (Slave of the Just)
Abdul Muti (Slave of the Giver)
Abdul Nafi (Slave of the Propitious)
Abdul Noor (Slave of the one who is Light)
Abdul Qadir (Slave of the Powerful)
Abdul Rabb (Slave of the Lord)
Abdul Rahim (Slave of the Compassionate)
Abdul Rahim (Slave of the Compassionate)
Abdul Tawwab (Slave of acceptor of repentance)
Abdul Wajid (Slave of the Finder, the Perceiver)
Abdul-adheem (Servant of the Most Great)
Abdul-azeez (Servant of the Most Great)
Abdul-baari (Servant of the Evolver)
Abdul-barr (Servant of the source of Goodness)
Abdul-ghaffar (Servant of the forgiver)
Abdul-ghafur (Servant of the All-Forgiving)
Abdul-haafiz (Servant of the Protector)
Abdul-hafeedh (Servant of the Preserver)
Abdul-haqq (Servant of the Truth)
Abdul-jabaar (Servant of the Mighty)
Abdul-jaleel (Servant of the Sublime One)
Abdul-khaaliq ( ( Servant of the Creator)
Abdul-lateef (Servant of the Subtle One)
Abdul-majid (Servant of the Noble)
Abdul-mughni (Servant of the Enricher)
Abdul-mumin (Servant of the Guardian of Faith)
Abdul-nur (Servant of the Light)
Abdul-qahaar (Servant of the Subduer; The Almighty)
Abdul-qaiyoum (Servant of the Self-Sustaining)
Abdul-qaiyoum (Servant of the Self-Sustaining)
Abdul-qudoos (Servant of the Most Holy ))
Abdul-razaaq (Servant of the Maintainer)
Abdul-waahid (Servant of the One)
Abdullah (Servant of Allah)
Abdur-rahman (Servant of the Most Gracious)
Abdur-rasheed (Servant of guide to right path)
Abdur-razzaq (Servant of the Provider)
Abdus Sabur (Slave of the Forbearing)
Abdus Sami (Slave of the All Hearing)
Abdus Shafi (Slave of the Healer)
Abdus-shaheed (Servant of the Witness)
Abdush Shahid (Slave of the Witness)
Abdush Shahid (Slave of the Witness)
Abdus Sabur (Slave of the Forbearing)
Abdus Sami (( Slave of the All Hearing)
Abdus Shafi (Slave of the Healer)
Abdus Subbooh (Slave of the Extremely pure)
Abdus-samad (Servant of the Eternal)
Abdus-shaheed (Servant of the Witness)
Abdush Shahid (Slave of the Witness)
Abedin (Worshippers)
Abrad ( Hail, Mail)
Abrash (Spotted, Speckled)
Abu Bakr (Companion of Prophet Mohammed)
Abyad (A narrator of hadith was so named)
Adam ( A Prophet's Name)
Adbul-qawi (Servant of the Most Powerful)
Adeel (Just)
Adi (Companion of Prophet Muhammad)
Adil ( (Just, Honest)
Aejaz (A person who does miracles)
Afdal ( Better)
Afif (Chaste, Modest)
Afraz (not found)
Afzal (Most Excellent)
Agharr (not found)
Ahmad ( Most highly adored)
Ahnaf (Name of one of the narrators of hadith)
Ahwas (not found)
Aidh (Name of a reciter of the Holy Quran)
Ajwad (More Generous)
Akhlaq (Behavion)
Akif (Attached, Intent)
Akmal (More Complete)
Al Abbas (Description of a lion)
Alaa Udeen (Excellence of Religion)
Alam (Universe)
Ali (Noble, sublime)
Alih (Idol; god)
Altaf (More gracious, more delicate)
Amal (Pure; Hope; Aspiration)
Ameen (Faithful; Trustworthy)
Amin ( (Faithful, trustworthy, custodian)
Amjad (More glorious, more illustrious)
Amr (Old Arabic name)
Anees (Intimate, friendly)
Anjum (Star)
Anna (Food)
Anwaar (Light, glow, gleam)
Aqeel (not found)
Aqil (Thoughtful, Sensible)
Arafat (Pilgrimage site 25km from Mecca)
Areeb (Skillful, Adroit)
Arif (Acquainted, knowledgeable)
Arqam (not found)
Arsh (Dominion; Crown)
Arshaq (Handsome, well proportioned)
Asad (Lion)
Asbat (A narrator of hadith)
Asfa (Tanned sun burned)
Asghar (Shorter, Smaller, Junior)
Ashraf (More Honorable)
Aslam (One who salutes)
Atif (Generous)
Awad (Reward; Compensation)
Awn (To help, assist)
Awwal (The First A Name for Allah)
Ayaaz (Respected and enduring)
Aybak (Ibn-Aybak was a leading historian)
Ayman (Right Hand)
Azb ( Sweet)
Azhar (The most shining; Luminous)
Azmat (The greatness)
Azraqi (An authority on the history of Makkah)
Azzam (Determined, resolved)