Sikh Baby Boy Names
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Abinaash ( Eternal, immortal)
Agamjot (God's light)
Agampreet (The lover of God)
Agampreet (The lover of God)
Ajaib (Wondrous Being)
Ajaipal (One whose caretaker is the Lord)
Ajeet (Invincible, unconquerable)
Akal (Timeless)
Akaldeep (The Eternal Lamp, God's Lamp)
Akaljot (The Eternal Light, God's Light)
Akalnivas (One dwelling in the Eternal Realm)
Akalpreet (One who)
Akalroop (Of eternal form, of eternal beauty)
Akalsharan (one taking shelter in God)
Akalsimar (One remembering the Eternal God)
Akalsukh (Forever in peace and delight)
Akas (All prevading, as great as sky)
Amanbir (The one who fights for peace)
Amandeep (The lamp of peace)
Amandev (The god of peace)
Amanjeet ( One who attains to peace)
Amanjeevan (One who lives a peaceful life)
Amanjot (Radiating the light of peace)
Amanpal (The protector of peace)
Amanpreet (One who loves peace)
Amanroop (The embodiment of peace)
Amanvir (The one who fights for peace)
Amar (The immortal one)
Amardev (The immortal god)
Amarjeet (Forever victorious)
Amarjot (The Immortal Light)
Amarleen (Forever absorbed in God)
Amarpreet (The immortal Love of Lord)
Amrit (God's Nectar)
Amritbaan (Living a nectarlike way of life)
Amritleen (One imbued in the Lord's Nectar)
Amritpal (One protected by the Lord's Nectar)
Anadjot (One who radiates the Lord's Light)
Anahad (One who is blissful, delightful)
Anahad (One who is blissful, delightful)
AnahadAnand (One who is blissful, delightful)
Anandjot (The Light of Bliss)
Anandleen ( One absorbed in the Lord's Bliss)
Anandroop ( Of blissful form; radiating bliss)
Anant ( Endless, boundless, infinite)
Anantdev (Of Immeasurable divinity)
Aneel ( Holy, immaculate being)
Angad (One who is embraced by God.)
Ankur Anokh (Extraordinary and wondrous)
Anoop (Matchless beauty)
Anoop ( Matchless beauty)
Anoopbir (Beauteous and brave)
Anoopjot (Radiating the BeautiousLight)
Anooplok (Resident of the Beauteous Realm)
Antarjot (The Divine Light within)
Antarpreet ( One who loves the Light within)
Atamveer (Spiritually brave)
Atamveer (Spiritually brave)
Aveer (brave, one who fights for peace)
Aveer (brave, one who fights for peace)
Avtar (Incarnation of God)