Muslim Baby Boy Names
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Daafi (One who expels prevents)
Daamin (Guarantor, Surety)
Daanyal (not found)
Daghfal (Name of first Islamic geologist)
Dakhil (Foreigner, stranger)
Damdam (not found)
Damian (Tamer)
Darim (Name of a narrator of hadith)
Dawlah (Riches, happiness)
Dawoud (A Prophet's name)
Daylam (not found)
Deen (Religion)
Dhiya (Light, splendour)
Dhul Fiqaar (The name of the Prophet's Sword)
Dihyat (A companion of Prophet Muhammad)
Dilbar (Lover)
Dilshad (Happy)
Diya (Light (Also pronounced Ziya)
Duha (Fore noon)
Daai (Another name for Prophet Muhammad)
Daanish (Wisdom, Learning, Science)
Dabbah (Latch, door lock)
Dahhak (not found)
Dalil (Another name for God; evidence; a guide)
Dameer (Heart, Conscience)
Damurah (Sparkle of light, fire)
Dawar (Another name for God)
Dawood (not found)
Dawud (A Prophet's Name)
Dayyan (A mighty Ruler)
Deenar (Gold coin)
Dhul (Fiqar Name of the Prophet's sword)
Dihyah (not found)
Dilawar (Brave, Courageous)
Dinar (Name of grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit)
Diyaa Udeen (Brightness of the Faith)
Durrah (Companion of Prophet Muhammad)