Sikh Baby Boy Names
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Dalbir (The brave soldier)
Daljeet (The conqueror of forces)
Daniel Darshanbir (Vision of exalted bravery)
Darvesh ( Humble, religious, gentleman)
Deenpal (The protector of the helpless)
Deep ( The lamp of light)
Deepak ( candle ,light)
Deepinder (God's light)
Devankur (gods creation)
Devasheesh (Blessing of God)
Devendar ( King of Lord's)
Devjeet (God's truimph)
Devpreet (Love for God)
Dhann (The blessed one)
Dharam (The righteous and religious person)
Dharamdeep ( Lamp of religion)
Dharamdev (God of faith)
Dharamjot (Light of righteousness and virtues)
Dharampal (The supporter of righteousness)
Dharampreet (Love of Faith)
Dharamsheel (Holy; religious; pious)
Dharamveer (Bravely upholding righteousness)
Dharmender ( Lord of Dharma)
Dharmpal (The supporter of righteousness)
Dhiaan ( Absorbed in contemplation)
Dilbaag (The one with a blossoming heart)
Divjot (Divine light)