Muslim Baby Boy Names
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Irfan ali khan (son of irshad ali khan)
Ibraheem (A Prophet's name)
Idrees (A Prophet's name)
Iesa (A Prophet's name)
Iftikhar (Honour, Glory)
Ihsaan (Beneficence)
Ihtesham (Magnificiant)
Ijaz (Miracle, astonishment)
Ikhlas (Sincerity, purity)
Ilyas (A Prophet's name)
Ilyas (Prophet's name)
Imaad Udeen (The pillar of the Faith)
Imam (Leader)
Imran ( A Prophet's name)
Inayat (Bounty, Kindness, favour)
Inayat (Bounty, Kindness, favour)
Intakhab (Election)
Intizar (Wait)
Iqmal (It means White Soul)
Irfan (Gratefulness)
Is-haaq (A Prophet's name)
Isaam (Safeguard)
Ishaq (A Prophet's name)
Ishtiyaq (Longing, craving)
Iskandar (See Sikandar)
Ismaael (( A Prophet's name)
Israail (The chosen one)
Itakh (n/f)
Ithaar (Selflessness)
Iyaad (Generous)
Izhar (Expression)
Izz Udeen (Might of the Faith)
Ibrahim (A Prophet's name)
Idris (A Prophet's name)
Ihab (Leather)
Ihsan (Beneficence)
Ihtiram (Honour, hold in honour)
Ijli (Was name of the makes of astrolabes)
Ikram (Esteem, veneration, respect)
Ilifat (Friendship, kindness, obligation)
Imaad (Support; Pillar)
Inas (Capable; Sociability)
Inshirah (The 94th Surah of the Quran advancing)
Iqrit (Responsiveness)
Iqbal (Responsiveness)
Irshad (Order)
Isa (A Prophet's name (Jesus (AS)
Isabhani (not found)
Islam (Submission to Allah)
Ismah (Preservation, infallibility)
Ismah (Preservation, infallibility)
Istakhri (A shafaee jurist)
Itban (n/f)
Itimad ( ( Trust, faith)
Iyaas (Compensation)
Izz (Glory, honour, Prestige, High Standing)
Izzat (High rank, honour)