Muslim Baby Boy Names
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Maahi (Another name for Prophet Muhammad)
Maarij (The 70th Surah of the Quran)
Maazin (Proper name)
Madani (Civilised)
Mahdi (Another name for Prophet Muhammad)
Maheen (Fine or thin texture, feeble voice)
Mahfuz (Preserved, safe)
Mahid (Another name for God)
Mahfuz (Preserved, safe)
Mahid (Another name for God ))
Mahmoud (Praised)
Mahud (( Another name for God ))
Majd Udeen (The glory of the Faith)
Majdy (Glorious)
Makeen (Strong; Firm)
Makki (Pertaining to Makkah)
Malik (Master)
Mamduh (Person commended, praised)
Manzoor (Approve(d), Accept(ed))
Maqil (Intelligent)
Marghoob (Desirable, coveted, agreeable)
Marufirah (Another name for the Quran)
Marzouq (Blessed (by God); Fortunate)
Masarrat (Happiness, delight, joy)
Mashhud (Clear, Manifest, Witnessed)
Mashkur (Thankful, praiseworthy)
Masrur (Happy, glad)
Masum (Innocent, infallible)
Matin (Another name for Prophet Muhammad;)
Mawdud (Loving, attached)
Maymun (Fortunate, blessed)
Mazhar (Image)
Mehboob (Lover)
Mehwish (not found)
Mimar (Mason, architect)
Miraj (Ascension (to heaven))
Mirza (Prince)
Misbaah (Lamp)
Miskeen (Poor)
Mohammad (Name of the Prophet (pbuh))
Moosa (A Prophet's name)
Muammar (Senior)
Muballigh (Preacher)
Mubashir (Spreader of good news)
Mubayyin (Another name for God)
Mudabbir (One who plans)
Mudhakkir (Reminder)
Mueez (One who gives protection)
Mufakkir (Thinker, one who meditates)
Mufid (Useful)
Mufti (Jurist)
Muhafiz (One who protects)
Muhajir (Immigrant)
Muhannad (Sword)
Muhdee (One who presents)
Muhib (One who loves, friend)
Muhtady (Rightly guided)
Mujaahid (Fighter (in the way of Allah))
Mujahid (A warrior)
Mujtaba (The chosen one)
Mukhlis (Sincere, pure-hearted)
Mukhtar (Selected, authorised)
Mumin (One who believes)
Munawwar (Enlightened, lighted)
Muneer (Shining)
Muntasir (One of the Abbasid Khalifah)
Munzir (Warner)
Muqbil (Following, next Lion)
Murabbi (Patron, Superior, guardian)
Murshid (Spiritual guide, instructor, mentor)
Musharraf (One who is honoured, exalted)
Mushfiq (Friend, considerate)
Muslih (Reformer)
Mustaeen (The chosen one)
Mustafeed (Profiting, gainful)
Mustaja (One who is heard)
Mustaja (One who is heard)
Mustaqeem (Straight)
Mutaygab (The Most Exalted A Name for Allah)
Maahir (Skilled)
matt (BRuNsBiWXbedGLurL)
Mark (ckabqSAFLK)
Merziuzi (uCiDxPpvZn)