Sikh Baby Boy Names
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Mahaan (A great person)
Maheshinder (Lord Shiva)
Mahindar ( God of gods)
Mahtab (Light of moon)
Manavinder ( Lord of humanity)
Mangal ( Fortunate; blissful song of God's praise)
Manipal Manjit (The one who controls the mind)
Manjot (Light of your heart)
Manpreet Mansukh (One with peace of mind; happy one)
Maskeen (The humble one)
Mastaan (Intoxicated with the Elixir of God)
Mastveer ( Carfree and brave)
Mohan (Beauteous, attractive)
Mohanbir (Beauteous and brave)
matt (cRdjkjBefRiqst)
matt (iOxALezqsYuEUa)