Sikh Baby Boy Names
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Nageena (Diamond, great)
Naginder ( Lord of mountain; Shiva)
Namdev (A godly person absorbed in Naam)
Namgeet ( One whose life is the song of Naam)
Namjas ( One who sings praises of Naam)
Namjeev (One who lives absorbed in Naam)
Namjot (The light of Naam)
Namleen (Absorbed in the Lord's Essence)
Nampreet ( Love for God's name)
Namroop (One who becomes the embodiment of Naam)
Nanak (Name of the first Sikh guru)
Narain (A Godly person)
Nardev (A godlike person)
Narinder (The king)
Narveer ( A brave person)
Navbir (The new warrior)
Navdeep (The ever new light, the new lamp)
Navjeet ( The new victory)
Navjot (The new light ,always bright)
Nihal (Happy, blissful person)
Nirban (Emancipated from the world)
Nirmail (One unstained, without flaw)
Nirmal (The one who is pure)
Nirman (The egoless, humble)
Nirvair (One who is without enmity or rancour)
Nitnam ( One who ceaselessly remembers the)
Noor (The Divine Light)
Nripinder (Lord of kings)