Sikh Baby Boy Names
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Paramdeep (The Lamp of the Divine)
Paramdeep (The Lamp of the Divine)
Paramdev ( A godly person)
Paramgeet (The highest song of Bliss)
Paramjit (Supremely victorious)
Paramjog (One uniting with the Highest)
Paramjot (The highest light, God's light)
Parampal (God, the caretaker)
Paramveer (The greatest warrior)
Parbeen (Capable, skilful, efficient)
Parbeen (Capable, skilful, efficient)
Pardeep (Mystic light)
Pargat (One who blossoms forth into fame)
Parmeet Parminder (God of Gods)
Parsan ( One who is happy and delightful)
Patveer (The respected brave one)
Pavitar (The holy person)
Pooran (The perfect person)
Prabhbir (God's brave warrior)
Prabhdeep (The lamp of God, God's dear one)
Prabhgun ( One having Godly merits)
Prabhjeet (One who wins the love of God)
Prabhjit (Triumph of God)
Prabhnoor (The light of God)
Prabhroop (The manifestation of the Lord)
Prabhsimran (Admiration of God)
Prajit (Conquering, defeating)
Prakash (One who radiates the Light)
Preet (The one who loves the Lord)
Preetamjot (One who longs for the Divine Light)
Prem ( Loving person)
Premdeep (The lamp of love)
Premjeet (ne who wins over others by love)
Premjot (The light of love)
Premleen (Absorbed in God's love)
Prempal (God, the loving caretaker)
Pritpal (God, the loving caretaker)
Puneet (The one who is very pure and holy)
Pushpinder (God of flowers)
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