Sikh Baby Boy Names
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Sachdev (Truly Godly person)
Sachdhian ( Absorbed in the TRUE One)
Sachgian (Having the TRUE Knowledge)
Sachkeerat (Singing the praises of God)
Sachleen ( The one absorbed in Truth, in God)
Sachman (TRUE at heart)
Sachpreet (The TRUE love, the love of God)
Sachsev (Servant of Truthy, TRUE servant)
Sachsukh (One who attains TRUE peace)
Sadhu (Saintly person)
Saihaj (Peaceful and equipoised person)
Sajjan (A dear friend, a righteous person)
Sampuran ( The perfect one)
Samrath (Mighty and powerful)
Samvir (Samrat)
Sangat (ssociating with holy congregation)
Sant ( Saintly person)
Santa (Exalted person)
Santokh (Contented, peaceful, and patient)
Sarabdeep (The lamp that gives light to all)
Sarabdev ( Omnipresent)
Sarabjeet ( Winning all)
Sarabjot (Allprevading Light)
Sarableen (One who prevades in all)
Sarabnam (The always present name of God)
Sarandeep Sarminder (God of war)
Saroop (Beauteous)
Sartaj (Crown of head, the Master, leader)
Satbachan (The one abiding by the Holy Word)
Satbir (The TRUE warrior)
Satgun (Of TRUE merits)
Satinderpal (Protected by God of truth)
Satjeevan (The one living the truthful life)
Satkeerat (One who praises the TRUE One)
Satleen (The one absorbed in Truth, in God)
Satnam (One accepting God's Being as TRUE)
Satpal (The one who abides by the truth)
Satparvan (The one accepted by God)
Satsukh (The one in TRUE Bliss)
Satveer (Bravely upholding the Truth)
Satvinder ( God of truth)
Seetal (Peaceful, calm, contented)
Seva (Absorbed in service and simran)
Shaan (Famous, respected)
Shabad ( Deep Lamp or light of the Holy Word)
Shahbaaz (hawk of guru)
Shamsher (Brave like a lion)
Sharan (Taking the shelter of the Guru)
Sharanjeet (One who attains the Guru's shelter)
Sher (Lion)
Simar (One who is absorbed in God)
Simardeep (Simardeep)
Simarleen ( Absorbed in remembrance of God)
Simran (One who is absorbed in God)
Simranpreet (Lovingly remembering God)
Sirjan ( One who is absorbed in God)
Simranpreet ( Lovingly remembering God)
Sirjan ( creator)
Sobha (Glorious, virtuous)
Sujan (Wise, of exalted knowledge)
Sujas Sukhbir (Warrior of peace)
Sukhchain (The one who is peaceful and calm)
Sukhcharan (Peace attained through Guru's)
Sukhdeep (The lamp of peace and bliss)
Sukhdev (God of peace)
Sukhinder ( God of happiness)
Sukhjeev (A peaceful person)
Sukhjodh (Warrior of peace)
Sukhjot (Light of Peace)
Sukhleen (Absorbed in joy of God's love)
Sukhman Sukhmeet (The peacegiving friend)
Sukhnam (Bliss from Naam)
Sukhraj (King of Peace)
Sukhram ( The one in whom peace prevades)
Sukhroop ( Embodiment of peace)
Sukhshant (The one who is in bliss and peace)
Sukhsharan ( Peace in taking shelter in Guru)
Sukhwinder Sulakhan (Virtuous, meritorious)
Sultan ( King, monarch)
Sumat (One with wise intellect)
Sundar (Beauteous)
Sundarjeet (One who attains to beauteousness)
Sundarveer (Beauteous and Brave)
Surinde (The king of gods)
Surinderjit ( One who is victorious over gods)
Surjit (Immortal, Godly person)
Surjot ( Fight of God)
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