Muslim Baby Boy Names
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Taahir (Chaste; Modest)
Tabish (Heat, Brilliancy)
Taha (Name of a Surah in the Quran)
Tahir (Pure, clean, chaste)
Tahoor (Purity)
Taj (Crown)
Tajim (Respect)
Tajim (Respect)
Talat (Countenance)
Talat (Countenance)
Talhah (Kind of tree)
Talib (Sender (of truth), student)
Tamanna (Wish, Desire)
Tameez (Discretion, sense, manners)
Tammam (Generous ))
Taqdees ( A Name for Allah, The Almighty)
Tarannum (Singing)
Tarfah (Kind of tree ))
Tasadduq (Giving Alms, Charity, Sacrifice)
Taseen ( A name of the Prophet (SAW))
Tasneen (A heavenly fountain ))
Tawfeeq (Divine help or guidance, enabling)
Tawqir (Honour, respect)
Tawqir (Honour, respect)
Taymullah (Servant of God)
Taysir (Facilitation)
Thaabit (Firm)
Thaman (Price, Worth)
Thaqaf (To surpass in skill)
Tharwat (Wealth, Fortune, riches)
Thayer (Rebel)
Tihami ( A title of the Prophet (SAW))
Tihami ( A title of the Prophet (SAW))
Tufayl (Baby)
Tuhinsurra (Snow white)
Taamir (One who knows dates)
Tabassum (Smiling)
Tabrez (Challenging, showing openly)
Tahawwur (Rashness)
Tahmeed ( Praise of Almighty Allah)
Tahseen (Acclaim, appreciation)
Tajammul ( Dignity, Magnificence, Pomp)
Talal (Nice admirable)
Talha (Kind of tree)
Tali (Kind of tRising, Ascending, Going upree)
Tamam (Generous)
Tameem (Perfect, complete)
Tameem (Perfect, complete)
Tamkeen (Dignity, Gravity)
Tanwir (Enlightening)
Tareef (Rare; Uncommon)
Tariq (A late visitor, Morning star)
Tasawwar (A late visitor, Morning star)
Tasawwar (Idea, conception)
Taslim (Submission ))
Tawbah (Repentance)
Tawoos (Peacock)
Tawseef ( Praise)
Tayseer ( Facilitation)
Tayyeb (Good and delicate)
Thabit (Firm, established)
Thamar (Fruit, Outcome)
Thaqib (Piercing)
Thauban (Two garments)
Thumamah (Millet (Plant))
Tooba (Good news)
Tulayb ((Concerning a) seeker, or one eho covets)