Sikh Baby Boy Names
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Takdeer ( Of great fortune)
Takhat ( Mster of the empire)
Talib (The seeker of Truth)
Taran (The saviour of all)
The saviour of all ( One absorbed in the Ultimate Truth)
Tavleen ( Engrossed in God Tejinder God of)
Tegbir (The brave warrior wielding the sword)
Tegh ( The wielder of the sword)
Tejbir (The glory of the brave one)
Tejveer (Tekjot)
Teknam (One who takes support of the)
Tekroop ( The embodiment of God's support)
Thakur ( Master)
Thakurjeet (One who has won the Lord Master's Love)
Thalbir (The brave warrior)
Toshan (Satisfaction)
Trilochan (Having three eyes, one of higher knowledge)
Triman ( One worshipped in the three worlds)