Muslim Baby Boy Names
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Waahid ( Single; Exclusively; Unequaled)
Waahid ( Single; Exclusively; Unequaled)
Wadi (Calm, peaceful ))
Wafa (Faithfulness, fidelity)
Wafi (Faithful, loyal)
Wahab (Kind hearted)
Wahban ( (related to Wahb))
Wahhab (One of the ninety-nine names of God)
Wahi (Another name for the Quran; messengers)
Wahid (Singular, exclusive, unequalled)
Waiz (Preacher, Sermoniser)
Wajeeh (Commanding Personality)
Wajih ( Noble, eminent)
Wakee (NA)
Waleed (Supporter of God)
Wasaf ( full of qualities)
Wasidali (Engrossed)
Wabisah (NA)
Wadud ( One of the ninety-nine names of God)
Wafeeq (Successful)
Wafiq (Successful)
Wahb (Giving)
Waheed (Unique, One of its kind)
Waheed (Unique, One of its kind)
Wahhaj (Glowing, incandescent)
Wahib (Liberal donor)
Wail (Returner)
Wajahat (Commanding, Personality, Dignity)
Wajid (One who finds)
Wakalat (Advocacy, Agency)
Wakeel (Agent, Representative)
Waleed Newborn Child (NA)
Walleed (NA)
Waliyudeen (Supporter of the Faith)
Waseem (Graceful; Good looking)