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Canadian Well Site Automation 2019 Exhibition and Conference
Schedule: Tue-07 May 2019 8.00AM-8.00PM
City: Calgary
State: AB

URL : For More Information : Making an economic assessment for developing well site automation Understand the economic fundamentals and make the business case for developing automation to boost efficiencies Integrating new well site automation technologies into existing systems Build take-home solutions and identify suitable technologies for greater efficiency, lower costs, and safer operations Looking at real-time data and cutting-edge communication networks Avoid the pitfalls and learn from experts on the latest measuring and monitoring technologies and better well site communication systems Cost reduction strategies in well site operations for a low oil price market Ensure a low-cost project is maintained throughout the process in light of the current low oil price market New technologies and technical know-how in IoT and well site automation Explore the latest advances in well site automation and developments in IoT and the tools available to improve on efficiencies and well site operations End-user case studies in automation and how to make a successful transition Gain insight from multiple well sites and implement strategies that others in the industry are using to ensure a successful automation program

Event-End-Date:Wed -08 May 2019
Venue :Calgary
Phone: 2065820258
URL:click more information
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Organizer By: Canadian Well Site Automation 2019 Exhibition and Conference