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Indian Classical Music
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Indian classical music is an important part of Indian culture. There are two types of Classical Indian music. One type is the Hindustani music and the other type is the Carnatic music. The oldest scripture is Vedas in which the mention of Indian classical music is found. The classical Indian music is considered as one of the oldest forms of traditional music. Does classical music interest you? Do you want to get a panoptic view of the closely walled musical extravaganza? Throng in here to get your basics rights about the origin of Indian classical music, a dissection of the two genres of classical music and their varied flavours.
The origin of Indian Classical Music is described here at length. Veda, which is India's oldest scriptures, contains articles on Indian Classical music and its origin. Here it is described as a tool for meditation to attain self- realization. The two divisions of Indian classical music namely Hindustani and Carnatic music are also explained with examples of musical instruments that are typically used in each type of music. This site is ideal for a better understanding of Indian classical music.
AreaNorth India
Submitted By Ranjeet Kumar
Date Sat 10 Oct 2009