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Love Stories

It's been many years but some things you never forget, like riding your first bike,first dat at school, your first girlfriend and your first kiss. This wasn't my first girlfriend and I would never call her a girl, she is all woman. We met at work and we would meet after work and talk. Our conversations were more general in nature and not focused on us but I was secretly falling in love. One night after work we drove and parked next to a park. I got out my car and came to her car and stood next to driver's window. We started talking but my mind was on kissing her. I interrupted her speaking and asked if I could kiss her. She said yes and I leaned in and placed my lips next to hers. A gentls kiss at first but then I felt passion and wanted more. I opened the door and helped her out and we embraced and this time our mouths came together hard. Our tongues danced and we seemed to be stuck. My own body tingled like a light charge of electricity went through it. When we seperated we just looked at each other breathing heavy. I felt it and so did she. That kiss was the start of a loving relationship.

Submit By:  AMIT KUMAR
Tue 22 Sep 2009