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Love Stories

I had gone out with this girl over 2 years ago and hadn't spoken to her since. I'd always had feeling for her but somehow through us being with each other before and other incidents we had never kissed. I saw her sitting on a fence outside a theme park and in typical boyish fashion I went over and simply pushed her off. Suprisingly she wasn't angry with me and just started laughing. We started talking again and with some persistence I managed to convince her to come up on the Ferris wheel with me. It was as simply as that. We reached the top and with extreme awkwardness and nerves flowing we kissed at Cork City's highest point..... the interesting thing is, from that kiss i haven't left her out of my sight. 2 years later and i've never been happier :)
Submit By:  KULDEEP
Tue 22 Sep 2009