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Love Stories

Rain pour down on my face, I could feel every drop of rain. He touch me softly, I could see the love in his beautiful blue eyes. He took his both hand and put it on my cheeks, they were warm and comforting. I didn't move, I didn't smile all I did was stand there and looking into his eyes.

Water was dripping down his brown hair, his eye lashes wet. I put my hand on his waist, it didn't matter that we were getting wet and standing in middle of the road. He lean over, as water came down his lips touched mine and nothing seems to be around us. The kiss was soft, naive, lovely, passionate and many more feeling that can't be explain. Just the sense of him made me want to love him.

As we stop kissing he looked into my eyes this time they were deep blue colour, he holded my hand and smile.

“You look beautiful” he said softly his voice was deep, I didn't answer him. I just wanted to look into his eyes and get lost in it, they made me want to be with him forever. Everything about him made me want him more. The darkness seems to grow but it didn't matter we didn't move even an inch. He moves again and gives me another passionate kiss, as he kiss I can feel the heavens airs hitting my face and my life turning colourful.

Submit By:  jaanvi
Tue 22 Sep 2009