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Love Stories

In 7th grade, I was "going out" with my second boyfriend, his name was Tanner, but everyone called him Lefty because he was left handed...obviously. I wasn't suppose to be going out with anyone at that age, but what can I say? I was a teenage girl, I didn't really listen to my parents. We had been going out for about a month now, everything was great! He wanted me to kiss him though, but I was always so nervous. I thought I'd screw up, or I wouldn't like the way it felt or he wouldn't like it, and everything would just be over. After two weeks of saying no to kissing him, we were sitting in history class, 6th hour to be exact, and a few people around us were chanting, "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!", I was turning red, I could feel it, and I just shook my head no. A few minutes later, after the group of kids in the classroom had come up with a plan to get us to kiss, a boy ran out of the room, making the teacher run after him. Now all eyes were on us in the dead silence. Someone yells out, "Just kiss already!". I grew enough confidence and just did it, we kissed for about 5 seconds, everyone awwwed. Then the teacher walked back in, saw us, and I got in big trouble with my parents. I was forced to break up with him the next day.

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Tue 22 Sep 2009