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Love Stories

I wake up in a huge bed my head was hurting but I thought I was just dreaming. This could have not been possible but I look around I see a huge room, this wasn't my house.

Where was I? How did I get here? all the question were coming into my mind.

I get out of bed and go in front of a mirror, I had teeth marks on my neck. I was about to scream when I saw this. They seem like a two big red whole in my neck. I touch it softly and all the pain came back from last night.

'Is good that your up' someone said from behind, it made me almost jump. The voice was soft and low. I look around and see the most handsome man I have ever seen, his light brown hair coming into his hazel eyes. His skin was a bit pale, and he smelled so beautiful. I couldn't keep my eyes off him.

'Do you remember what happen last night?'

I couldn't speak so I just nod my head in a way to say yes.

I started to cry remembering all the pain and realizing how close I was to lose my life.

'Here is the thing, We all are vampires. They saw you walking there alone at night and they couldn't control them self if I wouldn't have come there on time they would have kill you.' I was shock my eyes were just open staring at him.

What was he talking about? How can this be real?

'This is real and listen to me carefully, one of the vampire have tasted your blood now you guys have this connection. You both will be able to feel each other feelings' I don't say anything I just look at him still surprise to what he was saying.

'He will come looking for you because he will want more blood from you' He said looking down as if he was disappointed about this.

'What will I do? And who are you and why did you save me?' I said with teary eyes. I was scare of this guy. Yes he was hot actually he was the hottest guy I have seen but this made me feel so uncomfortable.

'My name is Jace Ryerson and I'm a vampire too but I only eat animals well most of the time, even now is hard to control myself your amazing.' He takes a deep breath like trying to take the thoughts out of his mind.

He continues 'I save you because you are..... a very attractive girl and I feel the need to have you, I couldn't see you crying. I heard what you were saying, I heard how much you wanted to live I felt so.... I don't know if I can describe the feeling but I felt like I HAD to save you'

I look at him and I see a fire in his eyes, and he moves closer to me. I take few steps back but I hit the wall, he moves closer and closer and before I know it... he was kissing me his lips were so soft and hot.

I was feeling a need to have him I don't know why but he was attracting me towards him and it was hard to ignore the feeling.

I realize what was going on and I move to the side. He looks at me with question in his eyes but than his eyes get back to the way they were before all calm and silent. 'I don't know you!!' I said in a yelling voice.

He looks at me surprise but then he smiles 'You need my help to stay alive and to stay away from Evan.' Who is Evan? I thought to myself.

'Thinking who Evan is, well Evan is the name of the vampire who tasted your blood' I don't say anything but I couldn't help but think about how he know what I was thinking and again before I could ask anything he says 'I can read your mind, I am a vampire after all' I roll my eyes. Great now I cannot even hide my own thoughts.

'I want to go home!' I said and start walking towards the door but before I could open it he came in front of the door.

'You can't go from here I need to save you no matter what and the only way you can stay save is with me'

'What no! I want to go home and why do you need to save me!' I said angry.

'You just have to trust me don't make me get mad at you!!' His eyes turn from normal to dark red, the room got really cold. I was scare he was looking at me like he was going to kill me. I move back and sit on the bed while looking at him.

After few minutes His eyes turns back to normal 'I'm sorry just don't make me angry' he said the room temperature was normal again.

I wanted to cry but I hold up my tears, he opens the door and leave without saying anything else.

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Tue 22 Sep 2009