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Love Stories

All my freshman year all you would hear about is parties,fights and of course couples.Me im the kind of who didnt really like to date friends.But things dont always go the way you planed.I never really dated guys in my school because of the fact that they bring to much drama and well i guess i had'nt found a guy to date.Cris was a really close friend of mine one that i thought would always be their whenever i needed him.Me and cris talked alot way more the "regular" friends would.Thats when i realized that what i felt for cris was more then what i thought.I could tell cris liked me too he was extremely nice and would flirt with me very often.It just so happens that i sat next to him in 6th period.Everyday i would always be so anxious just to get to 6th so i can well be with him.My grade was dropping cause all me and cris would do is talk,every now and then we would focus on school but rarely.Now dont get me wrong as soon as my grade went down i started doing my work but at home see i didnt want to miss a single minute i had with cris.We decided to take it to the next level by dating we would go to the movies and every now then go eat ice cream or just hang out.Me i was scared from the begning knowing if something went wrong my relationship with him would end bad as in we would no longer be good friends like before or not talk at all being friends for that long was'nt worth ruining the friendship.But i deciced to take that risk after all he was so sweet and nothing could possibly go wrong right?...WRONG!...well about a month past by and everything seemed fine me and cris were more open about ourselfs and kissed in front of people without having to hide out "love"...well later on we had an accident and  i think cris blames me for it although i had nothing to do with it he stop talking to me just like that.It was really hard for me at first i would die to go to 6th period all of a sudden im dying to get out.And if that was'nt enough he then asked out one of my friends and she said yes.Their still going out to this day and even thought it hasnt been that long since this happen i have a feeling he was only using me.My fear of losing him as a friend became a reality.And i swear it sucks to be in this position buy i always look for a bright side no matter how dark life seems to be and i found it cris was'nt worth having as a friend if he was only using me.

Submit By:  rahulcahar
Tue 22 Sep 2009