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What is anal sex?

Anal sex (also known as anal intercourse) is when a man puts his penis into the anus and rectum of another man or woman.
Some people might have strong objections, especially religious or moral objections to anal sex. Others may feel uncomfortable about the idea of anal sex simply because it's not something they think they will find enjoyable or want to try. For others however, anal intercourse is a very enjoyable way to have sex.
Anal sex is often portrayed as something that only gay men do. This is not true. Many straight couples engage in anal sex, while many gay men have never tried it.
Anyone wanting to try anal sex should make sure that their partner really wants to do it. If one person wants to try it but the other doesn't, it is better to stick to other forms of sex that both partners enjoy.
If a couple do decide to have anal sex, they should think about using a water-based lubricant, like KY Jelly, and a good quality condom. They should also take it slowly. The lining of the rectum is delicate and easily damaged during vigorous thrusting, particularly if the receiving partner is not relaxed.
There is a popular misconception that anal intercourse between a woman and man is a good way to avoid pregnancy. Anal sex does carry a lower risk of pregnancy than vaginal sex, but pregnancy can still occur if any semen leaks out of the anus and into the vagina. Using condoms is a more reliable way of preventing pregnancy, and they will also protect against sexually transmitted infections.