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I think that human’s desire to be beautiful is the artistry pursuing the originative value of another aesthetic sense and a new beauty art. KSH Beauty Edu Center always dreamed of the creative beauty art which lives & breathes and coexists & breathes with itself instead of the beauty art beyond the world, devoted itself to many researches and developments to search for a new respect of a special beauty (Micropiagmentation/ (eyebrows, eyeline, lips), hair extensions, eyelash extensions) put in the dead zone of beauty industry and has established today’s KSH Beauty Edu Center. KSH Beauty Edu Center pursues the qualitative values of special beauty, retains the R&D and self education center for a new micropiagmentation technology based on expertise knowledge along with the sketch makeup education of micropiagmentation and turns out special beauty professionals. Director Kim Seo-hyun of KSH Beauty Edu Center made the best efforts to develop a new differentiated design technique of Micropiagmentation for a long time. As a result, she developed Spring Embo which is the only 3D technique in the world by studying an originative technique of Spring Embo technology with which she revised varied eyebrows like the existing eyebrow tattoos, making non-eyebrow or unsightly eyebrow of y of men, women and children natural eyebrows and expressed the real eyebrows within the shortest time, and currently gets its values evaluated high and retains a unique technical patent domestically. The eyebrow expression technique of Spring Embo has the advantage to express the unique eyebrow which Oriental and Western people pursue and one wants more liberally without any pain or bleeding based on Basic eyebrows, Angled eyebrows, Round(curve) eyebrows), Arched eyebrows, Ascending (rising) eyebrow, Straight eyebrows. KSH Beauty Edu Center is currently asked to open the locally-invited educational seminar about Spring Embo from artists, beauty shops and related businesses which are engaged in the area of beauty and Micropiagmentation in various countries centered on USA, Southeast Asia and China, and it deploys an active activity like promoting the transfer of Spring Embo technical education and progresses the short-term educational course for Spring Embo eyelash sketch makeup and a regular educational courses integrating Spring Embo(Eyebrows) and digital machine(Eyeline, Lips) targeting overseas and domestic specialists of Micropiagmentation. In future, KSH Beauty Edu Center will devote itself to the new technology and the development of new products to embrace the new originative technology of special beauty and further will do its utmost to lead the half-permanent beauty culture of new concept all the people in the world will enjoy together with Korean people. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 Wrote‘Micropigmentation’ Sketch Makeup textbook 13 Acquired‘Spring Embo’trademark registration certificate 13 Gave a lecture in the seminar about Spring Embo Micropigmentation invited by U.S.A LA MK Group 13 Invitation lecture Spring Embo Micropigmentation education seminar, Beijing, China 13 Invitation lecture Spring Embo Micropigmentation education seminar in Singapore 12 Chief Screener of International Beauty Artist C ontest 12 Deputy Chairman Korean Special Beauty Federation 12 Chairman of Hair Extension of International Beauty Culturist Association 12 Invitation lecture Spring Embo Micropigmentation education seminar, Hanoi, Vietnam 11 Won Grand Prize in the sector of Micropigmentation Academy of International Beauty Health Newspaper 11 Judging Committee of 19th Seoul International Beauty Health Olympic 11 Examiner of International Beauty Contest 11 Appointed as Dean of International Culture & Art Graduate School 11 Director of KSH KOREA annexed KSH BEAUTY EDU CENTER 11 Commendation from Lawmaker Shin Ji-ho of Seoul International Beauty Olympic 11 Acquired Spring Embo Invention Patent Certificate from the Patent Office 10 Commendation from National Assembly Education Science Technology Steering Committee 09 Operation of GANTS Hair Extension & Eyelash Extension 09 Acquired Certificate of Service Ticket from the Patent Office 08 Acquired Certificate of Authorization of Korea Service Management Educational Development Association 08 Succeeded in Spring Embo Eyebrows R&D 07 Representative of KSH KOREA 04 Operation of KIM SEOHYUN Academy, Qingdao, China 03 Director of NOBLESS CONTOUR INSTITUTE, Gangnam, Seoul 02 Operation of China Guangzhou Academy 01 Judging Committee of Korea Nail Education Research Society 00 Lecture of Special Beauty at Cable TV “DIY” 99 Commissioner of Beauty Division of Korea Culture Center ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characteristics of Spring Embo Micropigmentation ? Spring Embo Technique developed by Director Kim Seo-hyun of KSH KOREA Beauty Edu Center in 2009 is a new technology in the area of micropigmentation and it has a patent right. ? Spring Embo Technique requires technology and technique which the highest specialists engaged in the area of micropigmentation for a long time cannot imitate without the developer’s transfer of technical education. ? It has a big advantage that after acquiring technical education of Spring Embo Technique, even a beginner in the area of micropiagmentation can acquire the technique within fast time and act as Spring Embo micropiagmerntation sketch makeup specialist. ? Spring Embo Technique can express the eyebrows like natural eyebrows naturally and beautifully fitted for the characteristics of Oriental and Western people with a variety of forms. ? Most of people make up Eyeline and Lips with micropigmentation using Digital Machine. However, Spring Embo developed by Director Kim Seohyun of KSH Beauty Edu Center has the best merit that one can make micropigmentation of 3 parts of Eyebrows, Eyeline, Lips only with one Spring Embo technique without using Digital Machine almost without any pain or bleeding. ------------------------ 3F office.308, 1307-7, Seocho 4-Dong Secho-Gu, Seoul, 137-856, Korea!home/mainPage

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