Mehtab Bagh

Mahtab Bagh is situated on the sandy bank of Yamuna River just opposite the Taj Mahal mausoleum. The place is an ideal spot for it provides picturesque view of Taj Mahal. The name Mehtab Bagh means 'Moon Lit Garden' and the same was testified by the beautiful reflection of Taj Mahal in the pool at night in Mahtab Bagh. The place has a history of its own. It is believed that the great emperor Shah Jahan who built Taj Mahal for his queen wanted an identical one for himself at Mehtab Bagh. However the archaeological findings have proved the existence of garden complex. Whatever the popular beliefs be, the place is worth a visit as it provides bewitching image of Taj Mahal.
The important attraction of Mehtab Bagh is Taj Mahal itself. The garden has been renovated by the Archaeological Survey according to the original plan. The place has been enriched with vegetation and at present more than 40 species of plants bloom in the garden. The garden has been built in a typical Charbagh fashion.
How to Reach :
Mehtab Bagh can be reached on either side of river Yamuna. The ferry from the eastern side of Taj Mahal takes only few minutes to reach Mehtab Bagh. The distance by road is about 2 kms and takes about 15 minutes.
Yamuna Bridge Railway Station lies in the vicinity of Mehtab Bagh. The drive to the railway station is only a couple of kilometres.
Agra Airport lies far west of the Mehtab Bagh. The distance from Mehtab Bagh to Agra Airport is about 13 kms.