Tourist Information Centers in Agra

Besides tour operators government tourist offices provide their services in Agra city. The Govt.Tourist Offices in Agra city provide the requisite information about the city and are easily accessible. Both state as well national tourist office operate in the city. The tourist offices provide genuine information and are likely to be more credible than private tour operators. The Govt. Tourist Offices in Agra with their location are:

The Government of India Tourist Office

Address : 191, The Mall, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.
Phopne : 363377, 363959 .


Address : Near Clarks Shiraz, 64, Taj Road, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.
Phone : 2360517 .

Tourist Information Counter

Address : Agra Cantonment Railway Station, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.
Phone : 2368598