Rani Sipri's Mosque

Diaphanous and minutely worked out minarets adorn Rani Sipri Mosque is yet another combination of Hindu and Muslim architecture. It is believed to have been built in 1514 AD by Rani Sipri, wife of Mehmud Begada who executed their son for a misdemeanor.

It is small mosque with a hight of 50ft and 54ft in length. This small mosque is also known as the Masjid-e-Nagira or Jewel of a Mosque because of its intricately carved decoration, jali screens with flowing plant and tree forms and the generally elegant design of the building.

It has a separate area of worship, upstairs, for women called, 'Jenana'. Another important tourist attraction at this place are 'Jhulta Minar', better known as the Shaking Minarets. These two Minars used sway mysteriously with little disturbance but the earth quake and inquisitiveness of a Britisher engulfed the them.