Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram

Among the most reputed places in India, Sabarmati Ashram was set up in 1915 and was the nerve center of India's Struggle for independence. Surrounded by shady trees and set in traditional environment, the ashram was Gandhi's home till 1930.

Gandhiji left this Ashram and went for Dandi March, vowing not to return until India is free. During India's struggle for independence, it was also called Satyagrah Ashram and latter on as Harijan Ashram.

The Ashram houses a museum with five sections- office, library, photo galleries and an auditorium. The museum has eight life-size colour oil paintings and an exhibition on Gandhiji’s life; “My life is my message” and “Gandhiji in Ahmedabad”.

An archive is also set up, which stores 34,066 letters written by Gandhiji, manuscripts of his 8,633 articles, negatives of 6,367 photographs, 134 reels of microfilms of his writings and 210 films on Gandhiji and the freedom struggle. The library has over 30,000 books, 155 letters of felicitation received by Gandhiji.

The Ashram is open from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm throughout the year and admission is free.