Teen Darwaza

Teen Darwaza

A grand gateway at Ahmedabad with three arched gates is an example of magnificent Gujarati architecture. It is one of the oldest and longest gateways in Ahmedabad. Located adjacent to Bhadra Fort, this darwaza was built by Ahmed Shah in 141 A.D.

The intricately carved darwaza was used by Mughal emperor, Jahangir and his wife Noor Jahan to watch the processions from the place to Jama Masjid. This grand gateway was also used as an entrance to Royal Square at Bhadra Fort.

The darwaza served as a witness ground to watch processions and religious ceremonies that took place at the huge ground between the gate and the fort of Bhadra.

Gujarati architectural designs intricately design the walls and pillars at teen darwaza. The ornately carved doors are finest examples of Islamic architecture in India, dating back to the time of the Ahmed Shah Sultans of medieval times.

Its intricately carved windows have beautiful jali or mesh work that is a feature of all buildings of the period in Ahmedabad. Each of its five semi-circular windows is different from the other. The central one has a Tree of Life with snakes draped around five palm trees. This is being used as the symbol of the Gujarat Government.