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Cardaap, The New Generation Business Card
Author Name:Krishna KumarPublished Date:Mon -05 Feb 2018

Have you ever thought of digitizing your business card, thereby getting more business leads? Tired of searching conventional cards in the card folder or drawers? Or have the habit of forgetting to take your cards with you? Cardaap gives the perfect solution for all such issues. Cardaap is the modern app for creating and exchanging business cards. It is not just the case of keeping all the cards in a single basket, but beyond that, it's more about promoting your business by publishing your professional cards online.

 By publishing your card, you are assuring that your card gets better visibility among the viewers. This can bring you much required business leads locally and globally. This will increase your accessibility through online along with your contact details, internationally. Moreover, anybody can link their website with Cardaap, which acts as a medium of business development and promotion to them. This will be a huge support for business development team.

 It might not be feasible for small business to launch a website and do online promotion, which costs a lot.  Hence, many such businessmen are oblivious about the advantages attached with online promotion. And, small service providers like individual electrician, plumber etc. cannot afford a website, which needs incessant maintenance. In spite of having several social media stages for displaying their products, nothing has effectively done its purpose. Various methods like starting a blog, writing press releases, doing SEO etc are not known much among small scale business. Moreover, local searches do not come here, as the cost of maintaining such promotion is not affordable for many. For them, Cardaap is the perfect platform to declare their online identity, which is a free-of-cost dais for them. It acts as an advertisement for them. 

Cardaap will be a future search platform for all business, irrespective of how big it is, which can be accessed by anybody having an account with Cardaap.

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