Hindu Baby Boy Names
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Aabheer (A cow herd)
Aadesh (Command)
Aadhira (Moon)
Aadidev (The first god)
Aadir (Origin, Beginning)
Aagam (Coming, arrival)
Aagneya (Son of the fire)
Aahlaad (Delight)
Aakaar (Shape)
Aakash (Sky)
Aalekh (not found)
Aanand (Joy)
Aandaleeb (The bulbul bird)
Aapt (Trustworthy)
Aarav (Peaceful)
Aarpit (To donate)
Aarth (Meaning)
Aashish (Blessing)
Aashutosh (Who is easily pleased)
Aastik (Who has faith in god)
Aatmaj (Son)
Aayushmaan ( With long life)
Abhay (Fearless, a son of Dharma)
Abheek ( Fearless)
Abhijaat (Well born)
Abhijit (Victorious)
Abhik (Beloved)
Abhin (Different)
Abhinay (Expression)
Abhinit (Acted)
Abhirath (Great charioteer)
Abhirup (Handsome)
Abhishek (An auspicious bath for a deity)
Abhivaadan (Greeting)
Abhivanth ( Royal Salute)
Abhyudaya ( Luck)
Abimanyu (Arjuna's Son)
Achal (Constant)
Achalraj (Himalayan mountain)
Achyut (Imperishable; a name of Vishnu)
Adarsh (Ideal)
Adeel (Judge, honest)
Adeep (The Light Of Vishnu)
Adheesh (King)
Adhip (King)
Adhish (not found)
Adinath ( Lord Vishnu)
Adit (From the beginning)
Aditya (Lord of the sun)
Advaita (Focussed)
Advaya ( One; united)
Agastya (Name of a sage)
Agharna (The moon)
Aghosh ( Quiet, soundless)
Agniprava (Bright as the fire)
Agraj ( Leader, senior)
Agrim ( Leader; first)
Ahan (One who is of the nature of time itself)
Ainesh (The sun's glory)
Aja (Unborn)
Ajaatshatru (Who has no enemies)
Ajit (Unconquerable)
Ajitabh (Victor)
Ajoy (Joyful)
Akand (Calm)
Akarsh ( Attractive)
Akhil (Entire)
Akshan (Eye)
Akshar (Imperishable)
Akshay (Immortal)
Akshayaguna ( Of Limitless Attributes. A Name for Lord Shiva)
Akshit (Permanent)
Akul (A name of Lord Shiva)
Alankar (Gold, Ornament)
Alankar (Gold, Ornament)
Aloki (Brightness)
Alpesh (very nise boy)
Amal (Unblemished; pure)
Amalesh (The pure one)
Amani (Wishes; aspirations)
Amardeep ( Eternal light)
Amaris (Child of the Moon)
Amarnath (Immortal god)
Ambar (Sky)
Ameet (Boundless)
Ameyatma ( Lord Vishnu)
Amil (Invaluabl)
Amish ( Honest)
Amitaabh (Boundless lustre)
Amitava ( Boundless lustre)
Amitesh (Infinite god)
Amod ( Happiness)
Amol ( Priceless)
Amoorta (Formless)
Amrik (Nectar)
Amrit (Nectar)
Amritaya (The Immortal. Lord Vishnu)
Amshu (Atom)
Amuk (Some; one or another)
Amulya (Invaluable; Princess)
Anaan ( Clouds)
Anagh ( Sinless)
Anand (Bliss, happiness)
Anang (Cupid or Kamadeva)
Anantajeet (The Victor Of Infinity. Lord Vishnu)
Ananyo (Sole, Peerless)
Anay ( Radha's Husband)
Anek (Many)
Angaar (Spark of fire)
Angada ( A son of Lakshmana)
Angak (Son)
Anik (Soldier)
Aniket ( Homeless; Lord Shiva)
Anil (Lion)
Anilaabh (Spirit of the wind)
Animesh ( To stare open-eyed)
Anirdesh (One of the Namam from Vinshu Shahasranam)
Anirudh (Boundless)
Anirvinya (A name of God Vishnu)
Anit (Joyful unending)
Anjan (Eye liner)
Anjas (Fortright)
Ankit (The chosen one)
Ankush (Restraint)
Akash (Birds)
arav (comes god)
Aabher (a cow herd)
Aadarsh (One who has principles)
Aadesh (command; message)
Ankit baba (loking so nice)
amit (THE DON)