Muslim Baby Boy Names
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Faakhir (Proud; Excellent)
Faarooq (Who distinguishes truth from false)
Faatir (Another name for God; originator)
Fadil (Honourable, outstanding)
Fadl Ullah (The excellence of God)
Fahad (Lynx)
Fahim (Intelligent, discerning)
Faisal (Decisive)
Faiz (Grace, favour)
Fakeeh (Cheerful)
Fakhr (Pride, Something to feel proud about)
Fakhry (Honorary)
Falah (Success)
Faqeeh (Jurist, Scholar of religious laws)
Faqir (Poor)
Faraj (There have been men with this name)
Farasat (Perception, sagacity)
Fard (Another name for God; unequalled)
Farhan (Glad, happy, joyful)
Farid (Another name for God; pearl)
Faris (Horseman, knight)
Farqad (not found)
Faruq (Who distinguishes truth from false)
Faseeh (Eloquent)
Fateen (Clever; Smart)
Fatih (Opener, conqueror)
Fattah (One who attains victory)
Fawaz (Success, Salvation)
Fawzan (Successful, Salvation)
Fayd (Abundance)
Fayyadh (Generous)
Fazil (Talented; expert; intelligent; wise)
Fidaa (Redemption; Sacrifice)
Firas (Perspicacious)
Fuad (Heart)
Fudayl (not found)
Furqau (Distinction between truth & falsehood)
Faaris (Horseman; Knight)
Faatih (Another name for Prophet Muhammad)
Fadi (Redeemer)
Fadl (Reward, favour)
Faeq (Surpassing, excellent)
Fahd (Lynx)
Faiq (Superior, Ascendant, Outstanding)
Faiyaz (A good Donor)
Faizan (Ruler)
Fakhir (Excellent quality)
Fakhri (Honorary, glorious, proud)
Fakih (Humorous)
Faliq (One that divides into two; creator)
Faqih (Islamic legal expert)
Farafisa (Name of a companion)
Faraqlit (Who distinguishes truth from false)
Faraz (Ascent, height)
Fareed (Unique, incomparable)
Farhat (Happiness)
Fariq (Another name for God; separating)
Farooq (Comely)
Farrukh (Happy, Auspicious)
Farwah (Name of a few of the companions)
Fastiq (One who rips apart)
Fateh (Victory)
Fatik (Deadly, Lethal)
Fawad (not found)
Fawwaz (Successful)
Fawzi (Successful)
Faysal (Decisive)
Fayzan (Beneficence)
Fida (Sacrifice)
Firdaus (Heaven)
Fudail (Excellent in character)
Fujai (Name of Prophets (SAW) companion)
Fuwad (not found)