Muslim Baby Boy Names
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Jaabir (Comforter)
Jaan (Life, Soul)
Jabalah (n/f)
Jabez (God will increase your boundry)
Jabr (Compulsion name of a companion)
Jafar (Rivulet, stream)
Jahangir (A moghul emperor had this name)
Jahangir (A moghul emperor had this name)
Jahm (Sullen)
Jalaal (Glory of the Faith)
Jalees (Companion, person with whom one sits)
Jamaal (Beauty)
Jammaz (not found)
Jareer (Corpulent)
Jarood (Name of a companion of the Prophet)
Javed (Immortal)
Javed (Struggle, Islamically sanctioned war)
Jnhih (Sun)
Jubair (Counsels or brings together)
Jugnu (A fire- fly)
Jumanah (Pearl; name of a companion)
Junayd (Fighter, warrior)
Juthamah (Nightmare (name of companion)
Jaafar (Rivulet)
Jabal (not found)
Jabbar (One of the 99 names of God)
Jabir (Consoler, Comforter, restorer)
Jad (Curly, Frizzled)
Jahanafirin (Another name for God; creator)
Jahdami (An authority for hadith had this name)
Jahiz (Ogle-eyed)
Jahsh (Companion of Prophet Muhammad)
Jalal ( ( Glory, grandeur)
Jalil (Great, revered)
Jamaal Udeen (Beauty of the Faith)
Jamil (Beautiful, lovely)
Jaraah (Surgeon; name of tabaree)
Jariyah (Name of a Ashb-as-Suffa)
Jawad (Liberal, generous)
Jawhar (Jewel, gem)
Jibril (Archangel of Allah (Gabriel))
Jiyad (Very good)
Juayl (Quarrdsome)
Juday (not found)
Juhaym (Unit of army)
Jundub (Grasshopper (name of a companion))
Judamnah (Jumaana)
Julia (LVbmEUuSlkzV)
Judix (gCvNavuksnAJjjjQq)