Hindu Baby Boy Names
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Obalesh ( Lord Shiva)
Ojas (Lustre)
Om ( Sacred syllable used in Hindu prayer)
Oma ( Life giver)
Omanand (Joy of Om)
Omar (An era)
Omarjeet Omesa ( Lord of OM)
Omesh (Lord of the Om)
Omeshwar (Lord of the Om)
Omi Omkar ( Mystic name for Hindu Gods)
Omkarnath ( Lord of Omkaar, Shiva)
Ompati ( Master of OM)
Omprakash ( Light of Om)
Oni (Shelter, cover)
Oojam (Enthusiasm)
Oorjit ( Powerful)
Orion (Son of Fire)
ohrpyzb (BIHBBshr)