Muslim Baby Boy Names
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Saabir (Patient)
Saadat (Blessing, Honour)
Saajid (One who worships God)
Saarim ( brave,Sharp Minded)
Sabah (Dawn)
Sabeeh (A narrator of Hadith)
Sabir (Patient)
Saburah (A narrator of Hadith)
Sadeed (Relevant, Pertinent)
Sadeeq (Trustworthy)
Sadr (Heart)
Safeenah ( Name of an Ahl As-Suffah)
Saffar (An authority of Hadith)
Safiy-allah (Allah's chosen one)
Saful Islam (Sword of Islam)
Safwat (Supreme; good friend; purity)
Sahab (Cloud)
Sahel (One who shows way/path)
Sahil (River bank; Shore)
Sahl (Easy, Uncomplicated)
Saji (A scholar had this name)
Saib (Foresaken, abandoned)
Sajjad (One who does much prostrations)
Salah (Righteousness of the faith, goodness)
Salam (Safe)
Salih (Safe, whole, flawless)
Salim (Secure, free)
Salt (A narrator of Hadith)
Sameer (Early morning fragrance)
Sameh (Forgiver)
Samiq (Forgiver)
Samiq (Another name for God; exalted; tall)
Samit (Quiet)
Sana (Thing of beauty)
Sanawbar (A cone-bearing tree, fir, Pine)
Sariyah (Travels by night)
Sarwar (Chief, leader, Joy, Delight)
Saud (Felicities, good fortune)
Sawad (Blackness, Skill)
Sawwaf (Wool Stapler, Wool Dealer)
Sayeed (Leader, Auspicious)
Sayf Udeen (Sword of the Faith)
Sayhan (Flowing)
Sayid (Lord, Master)
Sayyid (Chieftain, master, lord; munificent)
Seif (Sword)
Shabab (Youth)
Shabb (Young)
Shabeeh (Resembling)
Shabeeh (Resembling)
Shabib (A scholar who wrote about Quran)
Shadab (Fresh)
Shadi (Singer)
Shafee (Intercessor)
Shafi ( Honest, truthful)
Shafi ( Honest, truthful)
Shafi ( Honest, truthful)
Shah (King)
Shah (King)
Shaheer (Well-Known)
Shahzad (Eternal)
Shajee (Bold, Courageous)
Shakir (Thankful)
Shakur (Grateful; very thankful)
Shameem (Fragrance)
Shamik (NA)
Shammas (NA)
Shams-ul-haq (NA)
Shan (Dignity, Splendour)
Sharaf ( Honour)
Sharaheel (A narrator of Hadith)
Shareek (Associate)
Shariq (Radiant, Bright)
Shaybah (Grey-haired, aged)
Sher (lion)
Shibli (Was a great Scholar and writer)
Shibli (Was a great Scholar and writer)
Shihab (Flame, blaze)
Shuayb ( A Prophets name)
Shuja (Brave, bold, Valour)
Shurahbeel (Split, Cleavage)
Sidra (NA)
Silah (Arms)
Sinan (Spear head)
Siraj (Lamp, light)
Slaeet (NA)
Sohail (Gentle, ease; name of star)
Soufiane (NA)
Subhy (Early morning)
Sufyan (NA)
Suhayb (A companions name)
Sulaiman ( A Prophets Name)
Sulayman (Name of a Prophet)
Sumair (NA)
Surayj ( Name of an authority of Hadith)
Suwaybit ( Roof over path, alley between houses)
Szohaib (Friend to all)
Saad (A companion of the Prophet (SAW))
Saahir (Wakeful)
Saalih (Good; Righteous)
Saariyah (Clouds at night)
Sabahat (Beauty, Grace, Handsomeness)
Sabiq (Another name for God; primary; first)
Sabur (Patient, perservent)
Sadaqat (Truth)
Sadeem (Haze, Mist)
Sadiq (Truthful)
Saeed (Blissful, auspicious)
Safeer (Emissary)
Safiy (Best friend)
Safiyy (Chosen One)
Safiyy (Chosen One)
Safwan (Rock)
Sagheer (Small, short)
Sahar (Time before day break, bewitch)
Sahib (Companion, friend)
Sahir (Wakeful)
Sahm ( Arrow, dart)
Saif (NA)
Saif (NA)
Sajid (Prostrating)
Sakhawat (Generosity, liberality, open-handness)
Sakhrah (Rock (s))
Salah Udeen (The righteousness of the Faith)
Salamah (Soundness, integrity)
Salarjung (Army leader in war)
Saleet (NA)
Salif ( Previous, Former)
Salik (Passable, unobstructed)
Salman ( Safe)
Samad (One of ninety-nine names of God)
Sameeullah (NA)
Sami (High, lofty, exalted)
Samir (Entertaining companion)
Sammak (NA)
Sanad (Another name for God; evidence; proof)
Saquib (Bright, luminous)
Sarmad (Eternity)
Satih (Another name for God; preacher)
Sawa (Equal, same)
Sawlat (Influence, commanding, personality)
Sayf (Sword)
Sayfiyy (Concerning sword)
Sayhan Al Tasnim (NA)
Sayyar (Mobile, Constantly on the move)
Seema (Mien, Expression, Countenance)
Shaady (Singer)
Shabah (Resembling)
Shabbeer (Appellation of Imam Husayn (RA))
Shabi (NJA)
Shad (Happy)
Shadan (Happy)
Shafaat ( ( Recommendation)
Shafeeq (Compassionate; Tender)
Shafiq (Compassionate; Tender)
Shagufta (Blooming, Happy)
Shaheen (Falcon)
Shahid (Witness)
Shahyan (NA)
Shaista (Gentle, obedient)
Shakeel (Handsome, Comely)
Shakorun (A Name for Allah)
Shalabh (Parwana)
Shamel (Comprehensive, complete)
Shamikh ( Another name for God; lofty; arrogant)
Shams (Sun)
Shamshad ( Box-tree)
Shaqeeq (Real brother)
Sharafat (Nobility)
Shareef (Distinguished; Noble)
Sharif ( Honest, noble, distinguished)
Shaukat (Grandeur)
Shehryaar (Sovereign)
Shibil (Young one in Arabic)
Shifa (Cure)
Shoaib (A Prophet's name)
Shufwat (Best; immaculate)
Shuqran (NA)
Shurayh (A narrator of Hadith)
Siddiq (Veracious, righteous)
Siddiq (Veracious, righteous)
Sikandar (Name of a famous Sovereign)
Simak (Arcturus (Star))
Siraaj (Lamp; Light)
Siwar (Bracelet, Arm-ring)
Sofian (Sand storm)
Sohil (Handsome)
Sual (Invitation)
Sufyaan (Name of well-known sahabi (Abu-Sufyaan))
Suhail (Name of a star)
Suhayl (Canopus (Star))
Suhayl (Canopus (Star))
Sulayk (Traveller, Walker)
Sultan (Power, authority)
Suoud (Good luck)
Surur ( Joy, happiness)
Suwayd ( Black)
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