Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

       Bangalore Palace built in 1887 by Chamaraja Wodeyar, inspired by the Windsor Castle in Tudor-style.

Standing in the heart of the city, the palace was earlier surrounded by beautiful gardens in the midst of a vast open area, which has reduced considerably today.

This unique edifice gives the impression of a piece of England's architecture in Bangalore. Largely constructed of wood, the Bangalore Palace is famous for its carving and paintings.

The structure has fortified towers and its interiors boast of elegant woodcarvings and Tudor-style architecture, complete with Gothic windows, battlements and turrets.

An exquisite door panel at the entrance leads to grand settings inside. The interiors have breathtaking floral motifs, cornices, mouldings and relief paintings on its ceiling.

It is said that the construction cost of this exquisite palace was just over Rs 1 lakh. The huge 45,000 sq. feet mansion on which the palace stands was originally owned by Reverend Garret.

The palace ground, located between Jayamahal and Sadashivanagar areas, has now become the venue for various exhibitions, concerts and cultural programmes.