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Affordable Art by Deepshikha Mammen

In the series of new works, gallery g brings to you Deepshikha Mammen, an abstract and minimalistic artist, whose work reflects a distinctive style with the emotive use of colour. Her second series of work done with wet paints is on display from Wednesday, September 28 – Wednesday, October 12, 2016, at gallery g, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru.

Who said do you need to spend big bucks on beautiful wall art? This Dussehra art your wall with the affordable, vibrant, colourful, and exciting paintings of Deepshikha Mammen. Every piece of art has its vocabulary – ideas, form, colour, space, emotions and spirit, and what it communicates to each is very subjective. So, in that sense, Deepshikha’s work is a point of reference to what each one is looking out for. She Believes, “Every artist has a vision that he/she expresses, which might be invisible to others. How the paintings are viewed and what one sees and interprets is an exciting part of being an abstract artist - that everyone has their own unique interpretation.”

Inspired by the late artist Mark Rothko and her mother Renu D Singh, who too was a prolific painter, Deepshikha’s art is mostly acrylic on canvas.  She states, “COLOURS are what keeps my creative process going and they are the primary motivation behind my art. They are beautiful even in a jar.”

Describing Deepshikha’s works as a collision of paint, sweat, passion and love on canvas, Gitanjali Maini, Founder, gallery g says, “In the series of new works, Deepshikha’s paintings are just apt, they come from the heart. Her paintings take weeks to make and go through many processes in the hopeful pursuit of something magical. She has been selling her artwork online and by word-of-mouth but this is her first exhibit; it’s a privilege to introduce such artists.” 

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Published Date: Wed -28 Sep 2016

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