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New Journey with Joint Replacement Surgery via Saroj Hospita
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What Is Joint Replacement Surgery?

Thanks to the notable improvement in the existing treatment procedures of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) which has allowed hundreds of middle-aged people to take benefits from the joint replacements methods for their troubled or damaged joints.

Joint replacement is a clinically proved surgical procedure in which some particular parts of an arthritic or injured joint are completely isolated from their respective places and replaced with plastic, metal or ceramic device, known as ‘prosthesis.' In simple terms, the fundamental purpose of the prosthesis is to replicate the function of a damaged joint with a healthy, normal, and artificial joint.

How Much Time A Patient Takes To Recover After Joint Replacement Surgery?

Generally speaking, the average period of recovery for the patient depends on the replacement surgery that he/she undergoes. The entire procedure of replacement surgery takes only a few hours, but the timeline for recovery and rehabilitation can last for several months. Whereas some patients take six months to recuperate; some others recover in only 4-5 weeks.

What Are the Advantages of Joint Replacement Surgery?

·         Joint replacement surgery comes with a number of benefits. It not only increases the mobility of a patient but also lessens the long-term pain in people who have a wounded or arthritic joint.

·         As medically stated, more than 90 percent of patients in India who have undergone knee replacement surgery have experienced less pain and higher mobility in their joints.

·         Apart from this, this procedure also gives the patient freedom from chronic joint pain and enhances the quality of life.

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Published Date: Mon -05 Feb 2018

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