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International School Chennai– Integrating Technology With Cu
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The technological growth in the industries has made life at International Schools in Chennai tougher. The curriculum needs to address the latest changes in the field of science, technology and economics. Students have to be equipped with the right kind of tools to be prepared for these changes. All this boils down to make the students work harder by empowering them with measures to learn smart. This can be achieved by integrating classroom teaching with technology. Every industry today uses one technology or the other to run their day to day activities. Moreover, internet has become indispensible, making it a compulsory subject in schools.

 Digital citizenship and International schools

Digital citizenship is soon going to become an integral part of educational curriculum. International School Chennai teaches the students on safe and appropriate use of technology. So what is digital citizenship? It is providing the right knowledge and tools to the students to help them take a correct decision. Teachers and parents do not have control on how students use social media. Therefore, the only alternative left is to educate them to create a positive digital footprint that can make everyone product. Hence, this subject needs to be added to the educational curriculum.


Benefits of integrating technology with learning

Today technology is lavishly used to improve student performance. It is infact a catalyst to learning. Increased use of technology plays a vital role in school curriculum. It includes, how parents and the school management connect with one another, designing curriculums, assignments, projects and much more. Integrating technology has to do more than just consumption, it should also create knowledge. Students should be given opportunities to explore new technologies in construction, media creations and robotics. At CPS Global School robotics is part of our curriculum. Students and teachers can use these platforms to innovate.

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Published Date: Mon -05 Feb 2018

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