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How Premium Fashion Designing Institutes are Bringing back Lost Textiles
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True fashion is always an extension of one’s personality. India has always had a rich and chequered legacy when it comes to dressing and premium fashion design institutes are playing a major role in reviving lost patterns and textiles. Noted designers from India are now showcasing indigenous fabrics and the garments created from them globally. Several fashion design institutes are helping in identifying young creative talents who are also playing their part in taking Indian textiles into the global mainstream. After all, creating a niche is all about playing to one’s strengths and this is what many aspiring designers are doing these days. It seems like glory days are back again for the Indian textile industry with many fashion institutes and designers upholding textiles and design patterns which deserve to be showcased to the world.

A good designer who understands the aesthetic sensibilities of discerning buyers, will definitely strive to give them exactly what they want. This means having knowledge of an extensive repertoire of Indian design patterns, colors, textiles and garment types derived from indigenous sources. As young students of fashion, budding designers are steadily learning all about Indian textiles and other aspects from the best fashion design schools in the country. It is all about connecting with one’s roots and real magic happens when an aesthetic laced with heritage is fused with creativity.

In India, there are weavers all over the country who are the harbingers and preservers of Indian textile and fashion legacies. Inspired fashion designers are playing their part in highlighting these indigenous elements right from the Bandhni of Gujarat and Rajasthan to the silks of South India and Jamdani of Bengal. India is a treasure trove when it comes to authentic textiles and fabrics. With time, fashion connoisseurs are gaining more knowledge about the same and this is helping in preserving and reviving these invaluable legacies. Several fashion design schools in India are also playing their part in this revival.

The Gurukul School of Fashion Design is one of the leading school of fashion design in the country today and it has top names in the industry mentoring students. GSD emphasizes on a return to one’s roots and an understanding of indigenous fashions along with creativity, innovation and functionality in terms of design. This designing school of fashion technology has a well-rounded and unique curriculum and is the brainchild of reputed fashion and lifestyle designer Raghavendra Rathore. India is making its presence felt in the global fashion space and top fashion institutes like these are playing a major role in this regard.

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Published Date: Thu -17 Jan 2019

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