Anna Square

       Anna Square is located towards the north of the Marina Beach, some 30 kms away from the city. Anna Square is essentially a memorial dedicated to the great leader of Dravidian movement, Arinzar Annadurai. Adjacent to the memorial of Annadurai is one more memorial, that of Dr. M.G. Ramachandran. Like Annadurai, Ramachandran was a poineering leader of the Puractchi Thalaivar MGR. It is this movement that led to the establishment of AIADMK, one of the leading political parties in Tamil Nadu.

At the northern end of Marina Beach lies the mortal remain of Annadurai. The memorial is located in the centre of a lavishly laid out park The entrance of the park is marked by an arch that looks like converging tusks of an elephant. The small tomb at Anna Square is provided with a pillar like structure with an eternal flame. The park at Anna Square is spread over an area of about 510 hectares. Besides the memorial the park features include a small safari park, a nocturnal animal house, an aquarium and a museum.

The park at Anna Square witnesses flourishing number of visitors throughout the year. For the resident population the park premises forms an deal getaway place, far from the maddening crowd. The very word Anna, that is synonymous to an elder brother, is held as a mark of respect and so is Anna Square.