Bharathiyar Illam

       Bharathiyar Illam constitutes the house of a pioneering poets of the region, Subramanya Bharathi. Subramanya Bharathi was born in the year1882 in the present Tamil Nadu state. The works of the poet are considered to be exceptional. Subramanyam was originally born in a small village called Ettayapuram, which is about 600 kms from the Chennai city. Bharathiyar Illam was were he spend his last days on earth.

For people interested in poetry Bharathiyar is an enlightening place. The house used to be the dwelling place of the pet in his later years of life. Bharathiyar Illam was bought by the state government in the year 1993. After some renovations and restorations it was thrown open to public (same year, that is 1993). The house, situated in the Triplicane features the life and the times of the great poet. The house contains the pictures and archives of his family and friends. Some hand written verses of Bharathiyar have been preserved in the house. The preserved records also contain a letter from Mahatma Gandhi to mark the opening of Bharathiyar Mani Mandapam.