Big Mosque

       The Big Mosque has been erected in the Triplicane area of Chennai. The place constitutes one of the best mosques in the capital of Tamil Nadu state. The city of Chennai makes up one of the four metropolitan cities of India. The mosque is located a little away from the Queiad-e-Milleth High Road. For further reference, the mosque lies in the vicinity of Jam Bazar in Triplicane.

The Big Mosque was built in the year 1795 and is one amongst the historical monuments of Chennai. The mosque was built by Walajah Family and that is why it is often referred as the Walajah Big Mosque. The mosque was built in the memory of the Nawab.

The Big Mosque is not as big as it is strong. Built with the grey granite, the mosque has been surviving the ravages of the time. The great mosque is provided with two lofty minarets at the front. The architecture is typically medieval. Iron works have been altogether avoided in the construction of the mosque.