Cholamandal Artists' Village

       Cholamandal Artists' Village is situated on the East Coast Road, some eight kilometres further south of the Chennai city. The place represents an important arts centre in the state of Tamil Nadu. Cholamandal Artists' Village is built over eight hectares of land in the Injambakkam region which exists as an extension of the Chennai city. The place stands on the coastal plains of Chennai and lies close to the sea, Bay of Bengal. Cholamandal Artists' Village is a great tourist destination in the vicinity of the popular metropolitan city.

Prior to 1965 the region was one sparsely populated or abandoned region lying south of the famous city. The much epitomized village came into being following the initiative taken by a group of artists and the inception of a self sustaining arts centre in the year 1965. In the same year a group of regional artists bought the land here and started the institution. The place was named after the regional patrons that is Cholas, who had made great contributions in the past. Cholamandal Artists' Village houses cottages of a score of reputed artists who devote their lives to arts.

The place features a calm and serene environment, ideal for the artists at work. There are small cottages which serve as the residential places for the artists of the community. Two art galleries at Cholamandal Artists' Village exhibit the works of the resident artists. The galleries feature great collection of paintings and sculptures that are on sale. Each resident artist has his own gallery and a studio, wherein his personal contributions are housed. There is an open air theatre meant for performances by the artists. The Guest House, donated by the German Government, provides for the accommodation at Cholamandal. The place is fast becoming a great destination of cultural exchange.

Cholamandalam Artists' Village is located at a distance of about 18 kms from Chennai city center. The place can be accessed by taking a bus to the Injambakkam township. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the place in a bus. A more convenient means would be by hiring a taxi from the city.

The Secretary
Cholamandal Artists' Village
Injambakkam Chennai 600041.
Tel. No. 91-44-4926092