Doveton House

       Doveton House stands in the classic European style in the Nungambakkam region of Chennai. The house was built by a renowned architect named Benjamin Roebeck. The house presents the typical European style house that was primarily built for the Eorupean Officers. The Doveton House was acquired by many British officers including Lt. General John Doveton, after whom the place got its popular name. The house was constructed in the year 1798 and John Doveton acquired it after 39 years, that is in 1837. Many prisoners are said to having been detained in the house during British occupation. In 1916 the Doveton House was set on yet another course when Women's Christian College was shifted to the place.

The Doveton House represents European style of building during the time of its construction. The facade is marked with pillars, very typical of the colonial structures. On the back of the house is present the arched staircase that resemble the half moon in shape. The house as it exists today is forms the administration quarters of the Women's Christian College. The house is provided with a lush 20 acre park land. Devton House functions essentially as an education centre. The two century history of the house has seen a number of events, events like grand parties, custodial house, residential place of high officials and a great learning centre. Devton House is truly meant to last long, encompassing the glory of the past, its thriving in the present and survival to the upcoming challenges.