Kamaraj Memorial House

        The Kamaraj Memorial House is dedicated to one of the premier leaders of the city, M.G Ramachandran Kamaraj. The memorial was inaugurated on 15th July 1978. The veteran rose to the power as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu thrice. The great leader rose out of the poverty and lead the state to new heights during his political career.

The memorial consists of a three storeyed house that contains the preserved records of the Cheif Minister. The ground floor is marked by the simplicity as in the nature and character of the persona. The simple and plain furnishing reflects the days when he lived as a bachelor. On this very floor is a library lined up with great books. One can see the pictures of Kamaraj clinging on the walls of Dining Hall. The pictures portray the early years, youth and final years of Kamaraj's life. These pictures also include the ones taken during the swearing ceremony of Kamaraj as Chief Minister. Some of the greatest figures, next to Kamaraj, in the pictures include Jawaharlal Nehru, Sarojini Naidu, Sathyamurthy, Dr S Radhakrishnan, Rajendra Prasad, Martin Luther King and Queen Elizabeth.

The second floor, likewise, houses the felicitation that were received by the veteran leader during his political career. On display are some of the attires of Kamaraj. The luggage, time piece, some pens and utensils fill the emptiness of the space with the aura of inspiration. This floor also houses the pictures that have captured the homage paid to the leader on his demise.

Kamaraj Memorial House, 52, T. P. Road, T. Nagar, Chennai.