Marina Beach

       Marina is a beautiful laid out beach that lies along the eastern coasts of Tamil Nadu. Marina Beach falls in the capital city of the Tamil Nadu, that is Chennai. The beach has the distinction of being the second largest beach in the world and the largest in Asia. The beach territory is spread well over an entire 12 kms stretch and is well provided to inculcate various beach activities. As a tourist destination, the beach offers ample opportunities for swimming, wind surfing, fishing, sun bathing and more. To add to all this, there are various memorials and parks at Marina. It was Governor Grant Duff who initiated the developmental works at the beach and named it Marina Beach. From tourists perception the visit to Marina Beach is just inevitable.

Marina Beach hosts a number of activities. To start with we have a long stretch of silver sand lining that abuts the Bay of Bengal. A good number of beach tourists can be seen swimmimg, surfing and playing beach volley ball along Marina. Kids making sand castles, the silhoutted appearance of the fishermen boats, horse rides, lantern lit shops and stalls, picturesque view of old buildings and refreshing parks and of course the splendid view of the sunset are some of the best features at Marina Beach.

There is a park stroll (promenade) that seperates the sandy beaches and the main road. The park is quite a popular place, containing sculptures of some of some noted personalities of the region and India. Some of the pioneers include Mahatma Gandhi, B.G. Tilak, Bharathidasan, Tiruvalluvar, Kamaraj, Swami Sivananda and Thanthai Periyar.

The famous Aquarium and Ice House also lie in the vicinity. The beach drive houses some important establishments like the University of Madras, Senate House, Chepauk Palace and Presidency College.