MGR Film City

        MGR Film City is located in the southern outskirts of Chennai city. The much famous complex is situated in the Tharamani region of Adyar township. The Canal Bank Road provides the means of the access into the film city.

MGR Film City is a recently built complex featuring the sets and studios of Tamil Nadu Film Industry. The complex was built by the state government to facilitate the business of state film industry. The film lot has been named after the founder, M.G. Ramachandran. The place provides some lavishly built sets for outdoor shooting. The film complex includes a great strech of land encompassing artificial scenery like forests, market places, waterfalls, etc. The place is also provided with hi tech equipment required in professional film making. The film city complex has the largest air-conditioned floors throughout the lands of Asia.

MGR Film City is the only institution of its kind to be maintained by the government and providing free public access. The film city is worth visiting unless you do not want any encounter with the Tamil film stars. The Tamil Nadu film industry is the highest movie making industry in the country. The average studio rents at MGR Film City are quite low. Generally a private studio at the complex can be rented for Rs. 2000 per day. The cheap rates makes it one of the most preferred site by the film industry.

The government has shown the green flag to Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) for the development of Knowledge Park in the film city campus. A total of 24.78 acres of unutilized land has been allotted to the TIDCO for the said project.