Nageswara Park

        In the Luz suburbs of the Chennai city is located the lush green Nageswara Park. The park lies off the Luz Church Road in the southern outskirts of the city.

Nageswara Park was thrown open to public access in the year 1940. The park at that consisted of a small strip of land that served as a hangout place for the residentials in the adjoining region. In the same year that is 1940 three volunteers named Ramayee Ammal, M. Nainappa Mudaliyar and V. Kumaraswamy Raja donated a portion of land that was lying adjacent to the original park area. After that, government undertook a number of measures for further developing the park. The developmental works in the last decade of the 20th century has given a new identity to the place, in the form of beautiful Nageswara Park.

Lush green lawns, sidewalks, fountains, furnished benches, garden lights and a specific area for kids are some of the features of Nageswara Park. The park grounds are provided with with a variety of trees like Capsia Fistula, Lapostromea, Neem, Palms and Tabulia. Many varieties of ornamental and medicinal plants are also cultivated in the park.