Natesan Park

The famous Natesan Park is located at T. Nagar, in the city of Chennai. The park is situated in the heart of the city and houses a number of features. The park was inaugurated by the Ministry of Agriculture, in the year 1950. Natesan Park is essentially a botanical park and features a number of tree families.

The park at T. Nagar is home to a number of botanical species. The place is replete with trees and plants including Crotons, Aralias, Bougainvillea, Acalypha, Ceesil Peniea, Pulcharima, Mahogany, Neem and Gulmohur. Lining up the sidewalks and illuminated by the garden lights, the trees make up the permanent residents of the park. The fountains in the park further beautify the picturesque view as offered by the park.

The park premises provide an ideal place to refresh the mind and soul. The park is visited by people of all ages, people who come for a brief rest, joggers and environmentalists. Natesan Park is the only of its kind, in the region, that offers tennis coaching to youngsters. The tennis court at the park is maintained and run by the Corporation of Chennai itself.

The park, during the early years of the new millennium was subjected to a growing number of anti social activities. Drug trafficking and prostitution practices had made it vulnerable. But after the crackdown launched by the local police the activities have come to a halt.